Our vision sees all people empowered to live together with a shared purpose & understanding.

Our Mission.

Nurture Leadership, Pride, Prosperity & Harmony in the Community.

Key Initiatives.

The realization of our vision & fulfillment of our mission depends upon everyone taking responsibility in their own way. These key initiatives are just the beginning of a wider strategy to empower our Community. Let's all participate in creating a rich & lasting legacy!

Develop our Leadership.

We find & develop new leadership expertise & activate our human resources to match the emerging needs & expanding sovereignty of the Algonquin First Nations Community.

Embrace & Share our Culture.

We celebrate & preserve the stories, legends, customs & artifacts that constitute First Nations history, tradition, language & culture.

Plan for Prosperity.

Significant financial resources through settlements, grants & non-profit corporation proceeds present an opportunity that we meet responsibly as we grow the capabilities, credibility & sustainability of the Community.

Support our Community.

We are expanding our social, educational & cultural activities along with strategic programs to nurture the values of self-determination, responsibility & social harmony. You can be part of it!

Our 5-Year Strategic Social & Economic Development Plan is now available.

Get involved.

Have ideas on how we can nurture & grow our Community?

We want to hear from you!