5-Year Strategic Social & Economic Development Plan

The Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin First Nation, like all Algonquins in Ontario, have arrived at a turning point. An historic Algonquin Treaty agreement is on the horizon that will forever change our relationship with the Government of Ontario, Government of Canada & the public.

A core group consisting of Chief, Elders, Council, Heads of Family, ANR representatives & engaged Members have sustained the Community for many years. Many more are rediscovering their Indigenous roots and as Community Enrollment reopens, wish to assert their inherent rights & participate in the Algonquin legacy. We now have the opportunity to fortify our membership, grow our internal competence & get on with the challenging task of self-governance.

Consultations with Members over a five-year period form the basis of this Strategic Plan & were developed through a combination of Community & focused breakout meetings. As Community members increasingly participate in building their Community this Social & Economic Development Strategic Plan will be updated accordingly.

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Appendices to 5-Year Strategic Social & Economic Development Plan: