AOO Enrolment

Enrolment under the Algonquins of Ontario (AOO) Proposed Beneficiary Criteria

The Algonquin Negotiation Representatives approved by Special Resolution the Proposed Beneficiary Criteria on January 22, 2020 and Stage 1 of the enrolment process under that Criteria commenced in April 2020. Applications for enrolment were then accepted until November 16, 2020. Those individuals who met the Proposed Beneficiary Criteria were enrolled and then Stage 1 enrolment was officially closed. Enrolment was based on our assessment of the genealogical and historical information supplied by individuals and information on file in the Algonquins of Ontario Enrolment Office.

Successfully enrolled individuals were placed on the official Voters List and were eligible to vote in the 2021 Algonquin Negotiation Representative (ANR) Election in their Community. Further enrolment under the Algonquins of Ontario Proposed Beneficiary Criteria (Stage 2) will begin at a date yet to be determined.

Can I still submit an application?

Yes. We encourage individuals seeking enrolment to submit an application even as we await development of the Stage 2 Beneficiary Criteria. The Algonquins of Ontario Enrolment Office will make a preliminary assessment of the application which will provide the opportunity to correct fundamental errors and therefore position the application to be processed when enrolment officially re-opens.

How to submit an application

Need assistance?

If you are an unenrolled member of Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin First Nation and have recently turned 18 years old, have previously submitted an incomplete enrolment form or have a family member that is eligible to apply, get started by contacting Kassidy Baxter to receive more information on the application process & benefits.

Want to do it yourself?

If you do not need assistance, you can download the enrolment application & submit it to along with your long form birth certificate & supporting legal documents*.

*Long form birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, baptismal certificates, & census documentation are all eligible to be reviewed. Please contact us if you need assitance.

Benefits of Enrolment

Individuals successfully enrolled under the Proposed Beneficiary Criteria:

  • will be able to vote in elections of their Community’s Algonquin Negotiation Representative
  • will be able to vote on the ratification of an Algonquins of Ontario treaty
  • will be beneficiary to a ratified Algonquins of Ontario treaty
  • will be eligible for a Community Card
  • will be eligible to enter annual Harvest tag draws

For more details on the Proposed Beneficiary Criteria visit