Truth and Reconciliation Project

Reconciliation art pieces will be available to view starting October 3rd, 2023 – October 23, 2023.

The Art Gallery of Bancroft will mount two highly political exhibitions bridging the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation this fall; we invite you to explore the works and speak with the artists to mark this important date in the rural Ontario Town of Bancroft.

The topic of “Truth“ will be explored in the September exhibit and “Reconciliation” in the October show. Truth will feature artwork by indigenous artists affiliated with the Algonquins of Ontario, whose traditional, unceded land includes 9 million acres of Southeastern Ontario, including Ottawa, the nation’s capital. Reconciliation will feature work by non-indigenous/settler artists living and/or working in the same area.

Please join us for the opening ceremonies of Truth at 7:30pm on Thursday, September 7 at The Art Gallery of Bancroft.

You will be greeted by drummers and singers and feted with indigenous cuisine. There will be a closing ceremony on September 30; we hope that you will attend both, as well as the official opening reception for Reconciliation on October 5 at 7:30pm.

Curators: Robin Tinney and Rocky L. Green.

Truth exhibition artists: Valerie Dawn Chevrier, Aarin Crawford & Trudi Knapp, Sherry Crawford, Lynn Dawson, Diane Hannah, Rhonda Haws, Little Bird, Angela MacLeod, Pamela McElheran, Connor Sarazin, Melinda Shank, Lin Smith, Theresa Soloman, April Warren and Leeann Wilson.

Reconciliation exhibition artists: Barbara Allport, Ken Balmer, Kelly Beaulieu, Tanya Fenkell, David Ferguson, Carol Giles, Henry Melissa Gordon, Mieke Herman, Carolyn Jongeward, Linda Mackey Lang, Molly Moldovan, Ingrid Monteith, Allan O’Marra, Lynne Vegter and Leilah Nancy Ward.

An Algonquin Indigenous Art Exhibit

The exhibition intends to unite Indigenous Nations & Canadians in contemplating our shared histories. The hope is that by examining our present situation & the potential of our futures, we can develop the resolve & understanding to move forward together.

The Project is curated by Robin Tinney & Rocky Lawrence Green, both seasoned artists & Members of Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin First Nation.

Goals for the Project include:

  • building connections among all Algonquin People
  • promoting the Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin First Nation Community
  • promoting Algonquin artists from Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin First Nation
  • promoting artists from other Algonquin Communities
  • promoting the Art Gallery of Bancroft
  • engaging with the non-Indigenous Bancroft community on the meaning of Truth and Reconciliation
  • demonstrating the potential of Algonquin inter-community projects
  • exploring the possibility of a traveling exhibit to raise broader awareness of Algonquin People

For detailed information visit the official Project website, Truth and Reconciliation Project – Algonquin Indigenous Art Exhibit.

To explore a showcase of Algonquin Indigenous Artists from Ontario & connect with other artists & their communities, visit the Algonquin Artists website.