An active Youth Portfolio plays a vital role in engaging and empowering young people to become leaders in our Community.

By providing a platform for youth to voice their concerns and ideas, the portfolio helps to build bridges between generations and foster positive relationships within the community. The portfolio can also serve as a forum for discussing and addressing issues that affect young people, such as education, employment, and mental health.

One of the primary goals of an active Community Youth Portfolio is to encourage youth participation in community development activities. This may involve organizing events, volunteering in local organizations, or participating in civic engagement activities. By engaging young people in these activities, the portfolio can help to build their leadership skills and provide them with opportunities to make a positive impact on their communities.

In addition, an active Community Youth Portfolio can serve as a resource for young people who may be struggling with various challenges. This may include providing access to counseling services, mentorship programs, and other support networks. By connecting young people with these resources, the portfolio can help to promote positive mental health outcomes and prevent negative behaviors such as drug abuse and delinquency.

Overall, an active Community Youth Portfolio is essential for promoting the well-being and success of young people in the community. By providing opportunities for engagement and support, the portfolio can help to empower young people to become active and responsible members of their communities.