Harvest & Resources

The Harvest and Resources Portfolio plays a crucial role in managing & sustaining our traditional Algonquin rights & territory.

The portfolio is responsible for ensuring the sustainable use and protection of the land and its resources, including hunting, fishing, and gathering activities.

One of the key functions of the portfolio is to oversee the implementation of Algonquin land use plans, which aim to balance economic development with environmental protection. This involves working closely with industry stakeholders to ensure that resource extraction activities, such as mining and forestry, are conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The portfolio also plays a vital role in preserving traditional Algonquin knowledge and practices related to land use and resource management. This includes promoting the use of traditional harvesting techniques and supporting community-led initiatives to protect and restore important ecological areas.

In addition, the Harvest and Resources Portfolio works to develop partnerships and collaborations with other Indigenous communities and organizations, as well as government agencies and non-governmental organizations, to advance shared goals and interests.

Overall, the Harvest and Resources Portfolio is a critical component of Traditional Algonquin governance, providing strategic leadership and oversight in the sustainable management of the land and its resources for the benefit of current and future generations.