The Employment Portfolio aims to offer guidance and support for those pursuing employment opportunities in our Community.

This portfolio is envisioned to encompass a range of resources, including up-to-date job listings, career development tools, and insights into local employers and industry landscapes.

A central goal will be its engagement and outreach efforts within the community. Plans include organizing job fairs, networking events, and skill-building workshops focused on job search tactics and resume crafting. Additionally, there’s an intention to forge synergies with local educational institutions, community groups, and governmental bodies to broaden the support network for job seekers.

Another pivotal element in this medium-term goal is the establishment and nurturing of relationships with local businesses. This involves understanding the specific needs and skill requirements of these enterprises and developing tailored training and employment initiatives to address them. The portfolio also aims to facilitate practical experiences for individuals through job shadowing, mentorships, and internships, helping them to acquire hands-on skills and expand their professional networks.

The overarching aim of the Employment Portfolio is to assist individuals in securing meaningful employment, thus contributing to the economic vitality and well-being of the community in the foreseeable future.