The Employment Portfolio provides guidance and support to individuals seeking employment in our Community.

The portfolio typically includes job listings, career development resources, and information on local employers and industries.

One of the primary activities of a community employment portfolio is outreach and engagement with community members. This may include hosting job fairs, networking events, and workshops on job search strategies and resume writing. The portfolio may also collaborate with local schools, community organizations, and government agencies to expand its reach and provide additional support to job seekers.

Another key activity is developing and maintaining partnerships with local employers. This can involve identifying the needs and skills required by local businesses and industries, and creating training and employment programs to meet those needs. The portfolio may also work with employers to provide job shadowing, mentorship, and internship opportunities to help individuals gain practical experience and build their professional networks.

Ultimately, the goal of a community employment portfolio is to help individuals find meaningful employment and contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of their community.