The Health Portfolio functions to provide an overview of the health status and health needs of a community, inform decision-making by community leaders and healthcare providers, and promote health equity by addressing health disparities.

The Youth Portfolio serves to identify the needs and strengths of young people in our Community, and to develop programs and resources that support their physical, social, and emotional well-being.

The Funding Portfolio functions to provide an overview of the available funding sources, grant opportunities, and donor contributions that can support community development projects, programs and services.

The Arts, Heritage & Culture Portfolio plays a crucial role in preserving, promoting, and celebrating the diverse cultural expressions of a community. It supports initiatives that enhance social cohesion, encourage creativity, and foster civic engagement.

The Harvest & Resources Portfolio plays a crucial role in managing a Traditional territory by overseeing the sustainable use of natural resources, facilitating communication with stakeholders, and preserving cultural practices and values.

The Business & Tourism Portfolio can play a vital role in promoting business development for the Algonquins by identifying potential growth areas, creating partnerships, and implementing marketing strategies to attract visitors and investors.

The Education Portfolio plays a vital role in promoting lifelong learning and advancing the educational needs of a community. It supports the development of educational programs and initiatives, fosters partnerships, and advocates for resources to enhance learning opportunities.

An Employment Portfolio can involve various activities, such as creating job listings, matching job seekers with potential employers, providing job training and education, and networking with local businesses to promote employment opportunities.