Kagita Mikam Employment Services

Kagita Mikam is committed to ensuring that pro-active measures are taken to improve the recruitment, training and employment of Aboriginal people. We help registered clients seeking training to meet their career goals by matching their training needs with qualified training organizations. We help registered clients who seek employment opportunities by matching their employment goals with qualified employers.

There are a number of different employment and training programs available for both employers and registered clients, (certain eligibility criteria may apply). A few of the programs are:

  • Purchase of Training
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Targeted Wage Subsidy
  • Labour Market Partnership
  • Job Creation
  • Self Employment Assistance
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Summer Youth Initiative
  • Youth Work Experience

Getting Started

Individuals must first meet with one of our Employment Officers to become registered with Kagita Mikam in order to access services offered. Employers are encouraged to contact one of our Community Developers for further information.

The employment satellite offices have Employment Officers that help registered clients with employment and/or training goals. Registered clients also have access to other services such as computers, employment opportunities, resume development assistance, employment referrals and a host of other services to aid in their journey to employment.

Visit https://kagitamikam.com to find out more.