Canada Lands Company Pre-Qualifying Algonquin Businesses for Upcoming Opportunities in a Range of Disciplines

By Rob


Canada Lands Company CLC Limited (CLC) will be issuing several Requests for Proposals (RFP), Request for Quotes (RFQ) as well as will be soliciting quotes in a range of disciplines for its projects at Wateridge Village in the City of Ottawa. In advance of doing so, CLC is currently inviting Algonquin businesses with expertise in any one of the disciplines outlined below, to become prequalified for an invitation to participate in the relevant process.

Interested Algonquin businesses must contact Erin Forzley, Project Coordinator, Real Estate, National Capital Region, CLC (contact details provided below) to determine if they meet the prequalification requirements of a specific opportunity. If so, that business would then be formally invited to participate in the respective process once it has been initiated by CLC. To determine if your business prequalifies, please contact Erin Forzley, no later than 12 noon on Wednesday, May 12, 2021.  




  1. Price Inquiry for Aerial Photography/Videos
  • CLC requires a company that will complete the aerial photography/video needs for the National Capital Region properties. An airplane will be required to take aerial site photos/videos of the NCR properties including Wateridge Village. The photos will need to show the entire site of various properties
  1. Price Inquiry for Structural Engineering Work
  • CLC requires a structural engineer to design a retaining wall in Wateridge Village. The consultant will design a structural concrete foundational wall, provide drawings/specifications for a RFP, and monitor the construction work.
  1. RFP for Interpretative Signage
  • CLC requires a signage company to supply and install interpretative signage at the parks in Wateridge Village. Signage specifications will be provided.
  1. Price Inquiry for Tree Removal Services
  • CLC requires a contractor to clear the trees along Hemlock Road from Vedette Way to Aviation Parkway.
  1. Price Inquiry for Fencing at the Booth Street Complex
  • CLC requires a fence around the Booth Street Complex to restrict unauthorized entry to the site. CLC requires Modu-Loc fencing to be supplied, installed, and maintained along the perimeter of the site.
  1. RFP for Roof Drain Heat Tracers
  • CLC requires a contractor to install roof drain heat tracers at the Booth Street Complex. This is required because the buildings are not heated and as a result ice can build up and water can leak through the drain connections.
  1. RFP for Brokerage Services
  • CLC requires a broker to assist in the property sales in the National Capital Region over a multi-year period. The objective for this RFP is to retain a consultant to provide CLC with general real estate advisory services, develop a disposition strategy and marketing plan and provide broker representation for the sale.
  1. RFP for Site Servicing at 530 Tremblay Road
  • CLC requires a contractor to complete the site servicing work at the 530 Tremblay Road property.



Interested Algonquin businesses with expertise in any one of the above-noted areas are invited to contact Erin Forzley to determine if they meet the requirements to be pre-qualified for an invitation to participate in the relevant process no later than no later than 12 noon on Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Erin Forzley

Project Coordinator, Real Estate, National Capital Region
Canada Lands Company
Tel: 613-564-0440

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