Email & Zoom Workshops!

Contact the office for details on how to participate in our next workshop.

Facilitated by Kassidy Baxter & the ANR Team.
Our ANR Team is excited to announce we will be hosting periodic in-person Email & Zoom Workshops at the Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini office in L'Amable. We are aware that with technology rapidly changing, it could be difficult to feel confident attending ZOOM meetings and handling email.
We want to ensure ALL of our Community Members feel up to date, in the loop & included! 


  • how to set up a personal email address
  • how to send & receive email
  • basic email etiquette
  • how to join a ZOOM meeting
  • the essentials of ZOOM-ing
  • proper zoom etiquette
Please bring your own devices, e.g., laptop, tablet or smartphone, if possible. Using a familiar device & being confident with the device you will be using in the future will be beneficial.
There will be a laptop available at the office as well for Community Member use during the workshop if needed.
Call 613-332-0318 for details.

All Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Community Members welcome!